A Plea to Saint Peter

I’d swear it doctor my dreams are taking over
I can’t tell ya for certain I ain’t outside my mind
I see the faces that I’ve carried
to be shipped back home and buried 
Empty but for the fear froze in their eyes

And Momma why won’t someone come to save me
Momma why’d they cast me off aside
This country took my daylight and left me in the dark
that’s when the horror inside my head all comes to life

And darlin’ in my dreams you’re with somebody
someone you said had loved you once before
And darlin’ in my dreams it’s my reflection
but I just can’t seem to find it anymore

Oh little baby I swear I’m not the devil
but the devil’s hiding deep inside my bones
I’ve always loved you so but now your daddy’s gotta go
and I just can’t live in heaven all alone

Now would you kindly hear me out Saint Peter
there’s no place left for all of us to go
I know you’ll second guess me
but I’m praying you might bless me
The world down here is just too bitter cold