No Telling When (Precisely Nineteen Eighty-Five)

New York city sunset

They say this city never sleeps

They tell ya not to mind the freaks


But Davey moved into Gracie

When they gave Eddie the axe

Ya gotta love the Democrats


Theres a couple on Fifth Avenue

They been sparrin’ for a while

I really hope they reconcile


Really what is there to fight about

What’s another coat of fur

Ya really gotta feel for her


Yeah, some kids got shot on the Two Train

But that’s half a world away

That’ll teach those other youngsters

With their noisey arcade games

Don’t ya bother me for change


They got preacher on the corner

They got hustlers on the bus

That don’t leave much room for us


Then the hookers took the theatres

They got a different kinda show

Man you really oughtta go


Trades say Lorne is back at Eight-H

Chevy’s a movie man for hire

And at least we’re rid of Piscopo

That Sinatra bit was tired

And Billy Martin’s just been fired


The scoundrels down on Wall Street

Dressing up like fatty cats

Turn their nose at the ratty packs

If greed is good is good for me

Then who am I to say

I’ll let em tuck my dough away



There’s some dope sick ballerinas

Talking circles with their friends

They just escaped from Julliard

They’re gonna pirouette and then

They’ll dance their way down Broadway

But I cannot tell you when

No there’s no telling when


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