Spring shows!

March 22nd, 2017

Some new shows to tell you about, starting with a sold out Truro gig this weekend. Then I’ve got a few solo shows in Ontario with Alan Doyle. Super excited to see the b’ys. I’m back home inside the hallowed walls of the Marquee Ballroom in Halifax for a full band show with my favourite band Like A Motorcycle opening:

After that, on to Berwick, NS (also sold out, deadly) and Moncton, NB with Steve Haley (Banded Stilts, Heat Vision) opening. Finally, up to Toronto to play at the Horseshoe for CMW before the ECMAs in Saint John, NB. Lots to see, all tickets/info available HERE:

This Land Is Your Land

February 1st, 2017

I sat at my piano Monday evening with my family at our dinner table and began to cry. I was, and still am, gutted and exhausted emotionally. I’ve watched with sadness, like many of you, the unraveling moral fabric of the United States government. I read with horror of the murder of six fathers in Quebec City while worshiping, a civil liberty afforded to every person of this nation. I tend to believe that this is merely an episode, and that one day before too long this too shall have passed. In the meantime, those of us who refuse to live in fear, in ignorance, and without empathy must do what we have to do to sleep soundly. All I can do is sing.

Woody Guthrie wrote these words in the 1940s. My hero, Bruce Springsteen, sang them in the ’80s. I’d never venture to interpret these words in any one way, but no one would dispute that the message is one of uniting. Guthrie and Springsteen have found themselves on the right side of history. Unity will always be on the right side of history. Division will not. Last night, I felt like I had to add my voice to the millions south of our border who are demanding better. I needed to join the masses of Canadians of every “stock” who were mourning the loss of our fellow countrymen. This was the only way I could do that.

This is what all my heroes have done in the past. They’ve used what voice they have to amplify the voices around them that need it most. What little I can do, I sure hope it helps.

I give you this song, I hope it lifts your spirits a little. I ask that in return, you consider donating to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, or any organization you see fit. Just do something with this to make someone else’s life easier today. Do something that makes someone feel welcome today. Do something that makes someone feel loved today.

What we’re losing in this darkness will be found again in the light those of us shine in these times of trouble.

I love you all,

To donate to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association – https://ccla.org/give/

Tour, CBC + Spotify features

November 18th, 2016

Firstly a quick housekeeping item – if you want to see Adam supporting Sam Roberts Band this week – move swiftly to the tour page as every show is creeping up on sold out. Up next is a cross-Canada and entirely-sold-out run with July Talk, so have fun ticket-holders.

The arrangement of Daylight that Adam performed on CBC Radio’s q a bit back with help from Aaron Goldstein and Liam O’Neil is now on YouTube:

Anytime with Leah Fay from July Talk has made its way to one of Spotify Canada’s playlists, listen to it amongst some great company here:

On tour now!

September 9th, 2016